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Company logo, background is graduated from baby blue to baby pink on this is the following lettering 'Precious Babywear from HB Enterprises The First Adult Babyewear Company in the UK Established 1986'

Dear Adult Baby,

Welcome to my website.

Here you will find my Precious Babywear range of Adult Baby Clothes.

Girl sitting in a high chair dressed in Adult Baby clothes. She has a lemon satin yoked adult baby dress with a front buttoning yoke, and elbow length sleeves. She is holding up her AB dress hem with her left hand to show off her white satin underskirt. She wears a matching lemon satin bonnet with long broad ribbons tied in a cute bow under her chin. Her legs are bare except for a pair of white bobby sox.
I started HB Enterprises some 20 years ago and began to create the Precious Babywear Adult Baby clothing range. All our clothes are designed especially for Adult Babies and are tailored to meet your needs.
Girl standing in a Nursery in front of a high barred playpen and beside a adult sized rocking horse. Her hair is a mass of curls and ringlets tied up in side bunches with big whte satin ribbons and bows. She wearing nothing except a very full, very frilly petticoat with elbow length sleeves. Her petticoat is a cascade of wide lace from her front button yolk to the tops of her thighs. She is holding the lacy skirt up with her left hand and is busy sucking her right thumb.
All the Adult Baby Clothes, bearing our Precious Babywear label, are made by us from our own special Adult Baby Clothing Patterns. These are shaped for your special needs and to provide a very babyish look and feel. We have a wide selection of fabrics, from heavyweight fleeces to fine stains and each is carefully crafted and hand machine sown to produce the Adult Baby Clothing for which we are known around the world.

Girl sitting in a chair, pictured from her neck to below her waist. She wear a very pretty white broderie anglais top with button front and short puff sleeves trimmed in broderie anglais lace.
In our collection we have something over 200 different designs most with a choice of fabric, colour, pattern and sizes from the petit to the very big baby.

Girl sleeping in an adult sized rocking baby crib. Beneath her is a duvet covered in patterned white satin and she rests her head on two satin covered pillows. She is wearing an 'All in One' sleepsuit made in patchwork patterned polycotton. Her hair is done up in bunshes and she cuddles a large cuddly rabit. We do not know how many unique combinations exist but it must be thousands. This is only possible because we make all our range of Adult Baby Clothing here in the workshop. When we receive your order, the fabrics are selected, cut, sown and finished. We think that this is the best way to make your Adult Baby clothes. It allows us to take the care that is needed to make AB clothing that looks superb and meets your special needs.

Whether you order a pair of frilly panties or a complete satin outfit you can rest assured that we will make something very precious with just you in mind.

Please take some time to look around

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